Climate Change impact reduction

How will businesses demonstrate their commitment to reducing their impact on climate change?

By going for certification to ISO14001 Companies will be able to show to their customers that they are setting targets for reducing their impact in the environmental areas where the company is having the most significant detrimental impact on the environment.

Not only will the company be able to reassure their customers that they are committed to reducing their impact on the environment but they can also highlight their commitment on the business web site and also as part of their digital marketing strategy.

keeping the lights on and charging EVs

This last week has seen very little sunshine and the absence of any significant windy conditions. Therefore very little green electricity will have been generated.

Imagine, when all the fuel fired power stations have been closed down and similar weather conditions occur , what sources of power will be available to keep the lights on and industrial equipment running..Either we will need massive energy storage facilities or nuclear power generation will have to be massively increased, Harnessing wave and tidal power does not appear to be any nearer to being a commercial reality than it was a decade ago.

How will sufficient power be made available to charge all the electric vehicles overnight when very little green energy is being generated. This is a major hurdle that needs to be overcome before petrol and diesel powered vehicles are phased out completely by 2030

The benefits for companies who achieve ISO9001

Almost all my 30+ clients for whom I provided assistance to achieving ISO9001 Certification have recognised the benefits of having the management systems in place. These include;-

1) being much better at establishing the correct customer rquirements for products or services

2) more effective planning for manufacturing the specified product or providing the required service

3) reducing the supply of incorrect or unsuitable goods from suppliers by only using suppliers who have been assessed and approved as a suitable supplier before placing orders with them

4) reducing the cost of in process scrap and rejected products and hence much improved on time delivery performance.

5) fewer customer complaints and, by identifying the root causes of the complaints, a reduction in similar complaints being reported again.

All these benefits help businesses to improve their bottom line and also gain the trust of their customers that the products/services will be delivered on time and as specified on the order.

Why use on line networking

I network with 3 different on line networking groups based in different locations in England. This is of considerable benefit to me as it enables me to join groups who previously I would not have been able to join except by a vey long car journey. Hence this has enabled me to sell my business expertise to a much wider audience who now know about me and the type of customer I would like to work with.

5 months of online networking has resulted in several referrals that I would never have had contact with in the days of face to face meetings. I would strongly reccommend to anyone considering joining an online networking group to give it a go. it doesn’t cost a lot and you don’t have to travel to attend the meetings.

Why a company should go for ISO14001 certification

Achieving ISO14001 certification demonstrates a company’s commitment to working to reduce its impact on the environment.

To achieve this certification the company has to set improvement targets for those areas of the environment which it has the most impact on. Examples of this can be 1)waste and reject reduction; 2)more efficient use of natural resources including raw materials and energy. 3) reduced and more environmentally friendly packaging and 4) using more local suppliers.

As companies are starting to build their businesses back up to full output most of their customers will see certification to ISO14001 as evidence of their commitment to helping improve their impact on the environment.

The costs of certification to a business are almost always offset by the cost savings achieved in the first 12 months by the actions taken resulting from the outcome of the environmental impact assessment.

the reasons why companies go for ISO9001 certification

There is usually a point when a business is expanding where the owner and senior management start to realise the need to actively seek certification to the International Quality Management Standard ISO9001.

This could be that they are expanding their sales to include public sector customers where they are required to complete a pre qualification questionnaire (PQQ) before they can achieve approved supplier status with the customer. In these cases the possession of a UKAS approved ISO9001 certificate is a valuable asset. Where the company is actually completing a tender application for a contract then it is most unlikely the tender will be considered unless the application is supported by a copy of the ISO9001 certificate.

A second reason is that one or more the company’s customers has asked to visit the site to carry out a full audit of their management systems. In most cases customers will not do a site visit if the supplier has ISO9001 certification.

A third reason is where the supplier is in a very competitive market and needs to demonstrate a way in which they can be relied on to supply the product or service required by the customer. In this situation the possession of ISO9001 certification will be a USP.if none of his competitors are certified to the Standard.

There can be other added benefits such as reduced business insurance premiums

a successful conclusion

when working on a customers requirements it is most important that the service or product provided meets the customers expectations in the agreed timescale. It is equally inportant that customers are satisfied with the end result but more importantly that any further orders for additional requirements are placed with the same supplier who also willingly reccomends that supplier to other customers. Achieving certification to ISO9001, the International Quality Management Standard will give customers confidence to source products and services from that supplier.

Philbrown Consultancy has helped companies in a whole range of businesses achieve ISO9001 certification with UKAS approved companies and continues to support those businesses retain their certification. we have a team of associates who are able to provide support to businesses in England and Wales. mobile 07769614021

Benefits of ISO certification for companies after Covid 19 lockdown

Any comapany that haseither ISO9001 and/or ISO14001 will benefit from the disciplined management systems that are required for the 2 standards.

Areas which will be particularly useful are 1); the importance of having identified and approved a second supplier of key parts/materials/services. 2); The skills and knowledge levels of all the employees that have been identified and recorded in some form; thus enabling more flexibility in the work force to cover for any redundancies resulting from Covid 19 .3); the assessment of risks to the business, required by the standard, can readily be reviewed and updated. 4); the quality improvement targets which were set before Covid 19 arrived can be reviewed and up to date performance data communicated to the workforce.

For companies certified to ISO14001, the environmental management standard, possession of the certificate will clearly demonstrate the company’s commitment to improving the environment. This commitment to helping the environment. is likely to be a key issue as companies and the country recover from the lockdown.

For companies who are not currently certified to these 2 standards they should be able to recognise the importance placed on having the required management systems for the standards in place, this will be viewed as an important factor by potential customer who are looking to expand their supplier register..

on line networking

Attended my first 4 Networking on line meeting as a visitor yesterday. There were 27 attendees. I have now joined this networking group as I met several useful contacts as well as linking up again with several previous networkers from 4N. I would reccommend on lne networking to anyone looking to expand their business contacts and anyone who has recently set up their own business.

I also network on line with the Family Business Practice Check in and Connect Groups where I have met a number of useful contacts and I have signed up one of the members as an associate for my business.

The benefits of virtual networking

I have been networking with 2 groups regularly on Zoom since the lockdown started. One meets every other Friday at 7.30am and the other meets every Monday at 4pm for 72 minutes and therare 4 additional meetings on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10.30am and 2.30pm again for 72 minutes (limited to 8 attendees). For each of the Wednesday and Thursday meetings one of the members presents for ~15 minutes on a selected topic and then the rest of the attendees has up to 4 miutes each to talk about their own business.

I am finding these meetings extremely valuable as not only do I get the opportunity to promote my own business but importantly I learn a lot more about other attendees businesses on a 1 to 1 basis as each person presents without the need to circulate round the room and with no interference from background noise

T.he Friday group is run by the Severn Valley Business Group (SVBG) and the other is the Family Business Practice Group run by Peter Roper. Visitors are welcome at each of these networking groups.