New Enquiries

I have received 2 new enquiries this week, both for ISO9001, from contacts I have made through Linkedin. In one case it resulted from me spending time. just going through my contacts I hadn’t heard from for some time. Definately worth the effort if it results in an extra contract.


Sterling Integrity Business Show

I attended this show at the Cheltenham Park Hotel today and made some really good contacts. This is the first of a series of shows that will be run in the West Midlands and South Wales by Neil and Tracey Davis of The hotel was a good venue and the show had plenty of visitors despite the threat of heavy snow later today.

Snowed in for 2nd time in 5 days

another heavy fall of snow last night resulted in my having to clear my drive for the second time. I hope the time I took to clear it so that I can get my car out means that I can go to my manufacturing client in Evesham tomorrow to do some of the internal audits due to be done today and tomorrow. I will need to reschedule the 2nd day of audits and the management review.

New breakfast networking group

I attended a working group meeting this morning at which we finalised plans for the Group’s launch on the 28th February at Kidderminster Harrier’s Ground. The plan is to meet once a fortnight on a Thursday 7.15 to 9.15am. The format of the meeting was agreed this morning and this will be published well in advance of the launch.

Potential new client

I had an initial meeting with JDP Procurement in Evesham this morning about putting in the management systems and procedures to get them accredited to ISO9001 2008 with a UKAS approved registration company. The meeting with one of the directors and the procurement analyst went well and I shall be quoting for the work.

Meeting with Claire McTernan of

My 1to1 meeting with Claire today was very informative. Claire provides a step by step guide to companies to help them grow their business. Claire has a number of clients in the manufacturing/ engineering sector as well as companies in the service industries including IT based companies. Claire, who has come from a corporate background including working with European and middle eastern companies, helps companies identify the key factors that are preventing the company growing their business and then either works with the company or as an extra pair of hands to overcome those key factors. I shall certainly reccommend Claire to any of my clients where I identify a need for her specialist assistance.

FinditinWorcestershire networking event

I attended the finditinWorcestershire breakfast networking event this morning at Sixways Worcester. Excellent presentation given by Phil Jones on the subject of tips for obtaining better results in selling to customers. Certainly I can take on some of his reccommendations into my dealings with customers. Also good networking before and after Phil’s presentation.

Business Progress

I finished the Quality Manual and associated Appendices for a new client yesterday and I am now in the process of writing the operating procedures. I have received 2 new enquiries in last 24 hours one to put ISO9001 systems in for a procurement consultancy company, the other to provide internal auditing support for ISO9001 and ISO14001 for an engineering company, both in Worcestershire.