Cyber Security and Cyber Security Insurance

at the Worcester business breakfast club meeting, held on Wednesday at the Fownes Hotel, Dr Emma Thompson from IASME gave a talk on Cyber security and the reasons why most small companies need to be aware of the risks to their businesses from cyber attacks. The second part of the talk was from Duncan Sutcliffe of Sutcliffe and Co about insurance packages, he has arranged through AIG, which provide full support to companies to help them minimise the adverse effects on the business of cyber attacks and to provide professional help to get the company back in business as soon as possible.
The message was clear that cyber attacks are not limited to large companies and government/local authority departments but are rapidly spreading to smaller businesses and that all businesses should seriously look at insuring themselves against what can be devastating results from cyber attacks.


successful external audits

have just spent monday with an IT client supporting his annual ISO9001 external surveillance audit and then today Tuesday with my mechanical design company, that supplies JLR with either dust and fume extraction equipment or airconditioning equipment, supporting their annual ISO14001 external surveillance visit. Both went well with neither client receiving any non compliances from the external auditor

Norvent ISO9001 3 Year re-audit

A very thorough external 3 year reaudit went really well on Thursday. Resulted in 1 Minor non compliance and 2 Observations, one of which involves the external auditing company providing a pdf of their new logo. I have put corrective action in place for the non compliance and also taken immediate note and acted on the other Observation. Noted that the audit checklist provided for the external auditor was difficult for him to apply in some instances for auditing a relatively small business in project design and management.
I am auditing at 3 different companies first 3 days of next week; one in computer software design, one in lift safety gear manufacture and one in general and heavy haulage.