Finditinworcestershire networking event

This morning’s monthly networking event at Sixways was all about the green deal with Carillon presenting the main talk on how SME companies can be registered on their supplier register. One thing I didn’t appreciate before the meeting was that any company applying to be registered as a supplier for the Green Deal has to have PAS20/30 approval before they can be considered for the register. I shall be finding out what the requirements are for PAS20/30 as, from discussions I had with a couple of companies this morning, it does have similarities to some parts of ISO9001.


CE Marking of products for the Construction industry

recently I have been working for 2 companies that supply products to the construction industry. I am helping them get approval for their products to be CE Marked by putting in the Quality Management Systems for ISO9001 2008 and supporting them to get accredited by a UKAS registered company. I am looking to help other companies in the construction industry supply sector who need to get CE Marking approval

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