ISO9001 2008 and ISO 14001 2004 Accreditation

I have been asked to provide a company, who have had ISO9000 2000 Certification since 2006 with a company,who are not registered with UKAS, to provide up to date documentation plus internal auditing support to enable them to get UKAS accreditation to ISO9000 2008. I have produced the relevant operating procedures, quality policy statement and Quality Manual for them this week and I will now arrange to carry out the internal audits as soon as they are ready. After that I will facilitate the management review and help them get quotes for UKAS accreditation and I will support them during the 2 day assessment. visit.

This a service that I have been asked to provide for several clients in the last 3 years and usually there are written procedures in place and these were audited when the certificate was issued but are now gathering dust and there has been no formal auditing programme in place to both check they are still being used and also to update them when processes have changed.

I have also been asked by 3 companies, including 2 of my existing clients, to quote them for the work needed to for them to get ISO14001 accreditation.

An encouraging start to 2014!!!



My website has been revamped by a member of 4 Networking and went live yesterday afternoon. I would be interested to find out whether it is easier to use and that it describes the services I provide for customers clearly enough.

latest new client

My latest client contacted me on Monday this week to discuss what they would need to get ISO9001 accreditation through a UKAS registered company. I visited the company on the Malvern Science Park today and I have got the contract for the work which I will be starting next Monday.
They were previously approved by a non UKAS organisation who issued the certificate in 2006 for 10 years and has not audited them since 2007.


Two of my existing clients who are ISO9001 accredited have now asked me to help them gain accreditation to ISO14001.I will be planning the work for them in the next few weeks.
I have also linked in with two networking colleagues from 4N Ross to work jointly with them to identify potential clients for each other’s businesses.