recent new clients

in the last 3 months I have progressed 4 of my latest clients to a stage where they are ready to apply for ISO9001 accreditation with a UKAS registered company. One of these, AFT Automation in Telford has gained accreditation with AJA; a second company, Smartbox Assistive Technology, has had their Stage 1 assessment which will be followed by the Stage 2 in early September. The other 2 companies, Xoptix and Hertz Electrical, should submit their applications for accreditation in the near future. I now need to follow up several of my clients, for whom I have provided the management systems for ISO9001, to see whether they are now ready for me to do the internal audits and management review. In addition I have been given 2 new referrals which I will be contacting next week.

Nearly all my recent clients are seeking accreditation to ISO9001 because they need proof of accreditation as part of their tendering process for public and/or private contracts.