understanding ISO9001 2015

Section 5 Leadership

This section is looking at the commitment of senior management to the Quailty Management Systems. Are the senior managers on the site involved actively in all the aspects of the systems? The senior management can no longer assign a member of the company to be the management representative for the QMS. When the company is being assessed for certification to ISO9001 2015 the senior management is required to provide the answers.The key areas in this section are;

accountability for the effectiveness of the QMS

Ensuring the company has a Quality Policy and key improvement targets in place and that these are communicated to the work force.

Integrating the QMS into the company business processes.

Promoting a process approach to the business and evaluating the risks to the business.

communicating to the workforce how important it is to have effective QMS in place and for the company employees to adhere to the process procedures

Most important of all is the commitment to improvement of processes for both providing the customer with his requirements and a commitment to identify opportunities for improvements in the QMS


understanding ISO9001 2015

Section 4 of the standard is headed “Context of the organisation

What does this mean

This requires companies to identify who and what are the main influencers on the Business. Examples are;- Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Directors and Stakeholders in the Business, legislation and Standards, business location and infrastructure.

The company then needs to decide which of these are the biggest potential risk to the business growth and to develop plans to reduce the risk if possible.

expansion of consultancy service

I have recently had a further 2 consultants join the business to provide additional support for the business. One is based in Telford and the other in Weston super Mare. They are both qualified lead assessors for ISO9001 2015 and ISO14001 2015 in addition to working for 2 UKAS registered companies as external auditors. This now enables the business to expand its customer base to give support to companies based in South West and southern central England and also the North Midlands and counties bordering on the North Midlands from the current area covering West Midlands.
We have also linked to a consultant who works with companies looking to achieve certification to ISO27001, the information security standard, or are interested achieving the Cyber Essentials standard.
If you are interested in achieving one or more of these standards please contact me on phil@philbrownconsultancy.co.uk or complete the enquiry form on the business website http://www.philbrownconsultancy.co.uk

Finditinworcestershire networking event

This morning’s monthly networking event at Sixways was all about the green deal with Carillon presenting the main talk on how SME companies can be registered on their supplier register. One thing I didn’t appreciate before the meeting was that any company applying to be registered as a supplier for the Green Deal has to have PAS20/30 approval before they can be considered for the register. I shall be finding out what the requirements are for PAS20/30 as, from discussions I had with a couple of companies this morning, it does have similarities to some parts of ISO9001.

CE Marking of products for the Construction industry

recently I have been working for 2 companies that supply products to the construction industry. I am helping them get approval for their products to be CE Marked by putting in the Quality Management Systems for ISO9001 2008 and supporting them to get accredited by a UKAS registered company. I am looking to help other companies in the construction industry supply sector who need to get CE Marking approval

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My client in Newtown, Powys, who manufactures and sells fire safety doors and associated products for the construction industry, is going for ISO9001 2008 accreditation with a UKAS registered company, BM TRADA. The client needs to follow this up with CE Marking approval and FSC registration. Yesterday was the Stage 1 Document review for ISO9001 which resulted in no non conformances and no observations. The client has been reccommended for the Stage 2 audit which is fixed for early November. This was the first time I had helped a client who chose to use BM TRADA as the external auditing body. I was very impressed with the general approach to the audit by the external auditor and the way he dealt with the client’s technical manager, who was rather nervous about the audit.