New business gained this year

Since the start of the year I have had five new enquiries to help companies achieve ISO9001 certification. 3 of these companies are in manufacturing and 2 in the service sector. In addition I have also been asked by 2 companies to provide a part time Quality Manager role for them. This business represents more work for me than I had in the whole of 2015. In addition this year with the publishing of ISO9001 2015 last September I will be working with my existing client base of 20+ companies to modify their management systems to enable them to achieve certification to ISO9001 2015 before their current certificate expires or by September 2018 at the latest.


new enquiries for ISO9001

4 potential new clients have approached me to get them certified for ISO9001. 2 architects, a stainless steel fabrication company and a product design company. I have already had meetings with 2 of the clients and quoted for the work and the other 2 I have arranged to meet in January.

ISO9001 2015 and ISO14001 2015

The revised standards were published this autumn. Companies have until autumn 2018 to change their ISO9001 2008 and ISO14001 2004 Certification to the revised standards but ,once UKAS has approved the certification companies to certify to the revised standards, companies will be encouraged to change their systems to comply to the revised standards.

Return from holidays

I have just returned from 5 weeks holiday in Australia and Singapore; the holiday of a lifetime. Visited Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, the Great Ocean road, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Ayers Rock and finally 3 days in Singapore. the whole trip was booked through Freedom Australia and it was extremely well organised. I am now back helping clients with their quality systems plus external audits. My client Atwell International have their annual external audit next Tuesday and 2 more clients have the same between now and Christmas.

progress with my Hereford Client

My manufacturing client in Hereford is moving forward towards ISO9001 Certification. The internal audits went well and the subsequent management revue has now been completed and he is in the process of applying for certification with a view to complete the Stage 1 and 2 assessments by the end of the year. He needs the Standard as his main customers supply the aerospace industries in USA.
This is yet another family business that I have helped achieve ISO9001 Certification with a UKAS registered company.

new client

I have recently started work for a new client in Hereford to help the company achieve ISO9001 2008 certification by the end of 2015. The company, Foil Technologies, produces ultra thin very high purity Nickel foil for the aerospace industries and has a major part of its customer base in the USA. A great client for me as I did the research for my PhD on nickel based alloys.

Nexus Creative Ltd achieve ISO9001 Recertification

Nexus Creative had their 3 year recertification assessment from ACS on the 29th April which was successful. I have worked with Nexus Creative since 2005 so this represents the third successful recertification for the company. The company is also certified for ISO14001 as well and the next assessment visit for that is in early June.

Achilles audit; a great success for my client Norvent

Last Thursday and Friday 7th and 8th May I supported my client Norvent with their level 5 two day audit with Achilles. This audit, which Jaguar Land Rover are requiring all their key service suppliers to undergo, involves detailed checks on the management systems that are in place for Health and Safety, quality control and assurance, environmental legislation, sustainability, employment law and business continuity. Resulting from this audit the auditor reported only 2 minor non compliances and a few observations. As there were no major non compliances Norvent have been given an immediate pass and as there were only 2 minor non compliances a 3 star rating has also been achieved.
This is a fantastic success for a small company and is a compliment to all the members of the team.

ISO9001 assessment and Achilles assessment visits

Currently very busy both with established clients and also getting new clients ready for Stage 1 and 2 assessments. I have just helped one of my clients, a cable company, Wicks and Martin, based in Bromyard, successfully through ISO9001 recertification with no NCRs and no Observations. Next week I am supporting a contract electrical installation company in Telford for their Stage 2 ISO9001 Certification assessment and also a graphic and web design client of mine, based in Worcester, for their annual ISO9001 Surveillance visit. The following week my client of 13 years, who designs and installs dust and fume extraction equipment for automotive manufacturing plants primarily JLR, is being assessed for compliance by Achilles. This assessment has been booked for 2 days. I am also helping a generator rental company in Evesham update their Quality Management Systems to ensure continued ISO9001 accreditation.